General Information
Homeworld Europa
Habitat Abyssal Zone
Locomotion Swimming
Diet Carnivore
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Behavior Hostile
Racial Abilities vibrational sensing
Status Uncommon
Behind the Scenes
Universe Barotrauma

The Charybdis is a very large, whale-sized carnivorous creature found within the abyssal zones of Europa's vast oceans. While larger than other predators like the Tiger Thresher, they are still considered prey to even larger animals.


Overall, these eyeless creatures unusually resemble that of an upside-down, massive whale just larger than a Coelanth, with a long tail, dark fins, and a mouth full of silver teeth. Its curved limbs, in contrast to its dark leathery body, have a shiny set of scales.


As it is named after a Greek mythological sea monster, the Charybdis is unusually quick despite its huge size. Predatory, it is capable of sensing vibrations within the water around it to find its prey, which includes that of humans which it can kill and eat with one bite, and severely damage vessels just as easily.

Although a predator in its own right, it's hypothesized that its body structure allows it to play dead in the presence of even larger predators.

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