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Charrid soldiers

Charrid soldier in full battle geer

The Charrid are a race that serve as mainline infantry in the Scarran military.


They appear to be mammalian and are humanoid in form. They are slightly shorter than their Scarran commanders, with an average height of around 5.4 to roughly 6 feet (~ 1.6 to 1.8 meters) in height. They're known for their extreme resistance to pain.

They appear to be carnivorous and have a highly aggressive nature, though if this is exclusive to just males is not known.

Culture and society[]

They are known throughout the galaxy as vicious and savage warriors. One instance of this is of their attack on the Hynerian empire approximately 1000 cycles ago (a little over 1100 Earth years) in which they reputedly killed a billion and ate a million.

They now serve as warriors and in some cases cannon fodder in the Scarran military. Another thing to mention is that fully armored, they resemble the Yautja with their dreadlock like attachments to their helmets.


Like the Sebaceans, they use some sort of plasma or energy weapon in combat and are capable of faster than light travel (though mostly aboard Scarran vessels such as dreadnoughts).