General Information
Homeworld Arkon
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe DC Universe

The Char are an alien species from the planet Arkon in DC Comics.


The Char are a green-skinned race of insect men. They are divided into two separate groups. One being the warriors, which are said to resemble lizardmen. They possess purple blood.


At some point Krypton was at war with the Char, who inhabited a nearby world, for twenty-seven years. General Zod wished to wage a war of extermination upon the Char, and so facilitated a fake Char attack to push Krypton to war.

Krypton launched a war of retaliation killing hundred of thousands of innocent Char. Zod's plot was discovered by Jor El and hid brother Zor El, the two managed to bring evidence to the Char leaders and Science Council. For his crime, Zod and his followers were condemned to the Phantom Zone.


  • Action Comics Issue 023.2 (2013)
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