Chaotic Players are humans that are from the land of Chaotic.

Biology[edit | edit source]

Chaotic Players are no different from humans on Earth, save that players possess a device called a code scanner that allows them to scan creatures for their game. Besides acting as a digital device it also enable players to use their Locations scans they collect and teleport across Perim.

Background[edit | edit source]

Originally from the planet Earth, Chaotic Players are those humans, usually teenagers that play the fantasy card game known as Chaotic. Those exceptional players that show skill in online card matches are given their personal code that transfers a copy of their mind to the land of Chaotic. From there the players are able to enjoy holographic matches of the game. In addition using the Transport System, are able to travel to the world of Perim in which the game is based on.

Chaotic Players are rather seen as a nuisance by the native inhabitants of Perim. Experience between players and Creatures are different, but most always players are attacked on sight. However Creatures have been known to trade players for services to collect information or objects.

Culture[edit | edit source]

The origins of how Chaotic came into existence is unclear, multiple theories have been proposed by many players in Chaotic. Some believe that Chaotic was constructed by the CodeMasters with the assistance of the Creatures in Perim long ago to allow the humans to assist in locating a rare artifact known as the Cothica. Others believe that a human who invented the first Code Scanner discovered Perim while traveling across other dimensions and made a deal with the tribes to build Chaotic. More bizarre theories have been proposed such as Chaotic coming into being by an invincible Chaotic Player by just his imagination.

Chaotic Players are a loose community of humans aware of the secret that the card game Chaotic is real world. The players like any gaming community players are all about socializing and playing the game. Besides the game, they enjoy exploring Perim, collecting code scans of the Creatures, Locations, Mugic, and BattleGear can be usable in areas known as BattleDromes. BattleDromes are large holographic chambers that allow the codes to be upload and simulated in matches, enabling players to become their favorite Creatures and battle against their fellows.

No currency seems to work in Chaotic, as the facilities are managed an run by numerous service drones and AI. Chaotic Players for the most part barter scans various codes with each other as a medium.

The administrators of Chaotic appear to be seven individuals known as the CodeMasters. These were originally players that showed their dominance in the matches and were granted special privileges to manage Chaotic. The CodeMasters are the rulers of Chaotic and all players are under their jurisdiction. Players that win seven Drome Matches are given the honor to duel the CodeMasters. Should they defeat a CodeMaster, players are granted a prize scan to unlock new Locations i Perim. Besides enforcing fairness in the game they also monitor events in Perim to ensure players safety and conduct. The identities of the CodeMasters are unknown and it is unknown if they are the same person, or if a person can win a right to become a CodeMaster by beating them enough times.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

  • Chaotic Online Game
  • Chaotic TV Series
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