The Chalnoth are a sapient humanoid civilization from the planet Chalna. They are beast-like mammalian bipeds with two sets of sharp tusks protruding from their lower lips.


Chalnoth are predators and appear to have a high metabolic rate, as they can only survive three to four days without food. They're also unable to sustain themselves with some kinds of food, such as that provided by the alien abductors in the incident of 2366, which was edible for Mizarians and Humans, but poisonous to the Chalnoth.

Culture and society

Chalnoth are a savage species and live in a state of anarchy, without government or laws to regulate their behavior. They are aggressive by nature and see no problem with slaying their enemies. The Mizarians consider them an uncivilized race, although the disgust is mutual as the Chalnoth in turn consider the Mizarians a race of pathetic surrenderers and cowards.


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