Sergeant Fideltin Rusk.

The Chagrians were a race of well-muscled humanoids, characterized by their unique skull structure, was native to the planet Champala. The average Chagrian was stood two meters tall, and was distinguished by their pale, bluish skin. Their faces were quite fierce in appearance, although they were known to be very loyal and trustworthy. Two large horns sprouted from the front of the skulls of the males, and the bone structure which supported them gave the Chargian an enlarged forehead. These horns were originally used in the quest for a mate, as males would fight each other in order to win a female. All Chagrians had a pair of thick, pointed lobes - known as lethorn - that emerged from their jowls and draped forward, often falling across their chest.

The tongue of a Chagrian was forked, giving the impression that the race might have evolved from reptilianoid stock. Because they lived in constant proximity to Champala's saltwater oceans, most Chagrians lacked any sense of taste, a trait that grew worse as an individual aged. Thus, many Chagrians came to rely on their sense of smell instead.

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