The Cha'wen'he were an unusual alien race native to the planet Wen'he'dinae, the Cha'wen'he resemble large, wingless birds. The simiarity ends there, for they have three sinuous necks supporting three small heads. Two heads face forward, while the third faces the rear. All of the creature's main sensory ograns were located in these heads. The heads can be retracted into the body, allowing the Cha'wen'he to protect them in adverse conditions. Their hides were covered in overlapping rows of scale which can be raised to allow the underlying skin to cool. They were highly intelligent, capable of solving complex puzzles and situations. However, the average Cha'wen'he was nervous and excitable, a trait evolved from their constant vigilance against their homeworld's various predators. They live in flocks, and have the rare ability to assume a species memory. The mother had the ability to pass on skills and memories to its offspring, and these skills can awaken naturally over time.

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