General Information
Homeworld Unknown
Sapience Level Sapient
Behavior Hostile
Species Origin Unknown
Status Alive
Behind the Scenes
Universe War of the Monsters Universe

Cerebulon is the final boss in the PS2 game "War of the Monsters", and the main antagonist of the game's story. It was also its mothership's alien fuel that mutated many different beings on Earth, creating the kaiju monsters in the game in the first place.


Little is known of its backstory, other than it is superior to humans in technological advancement, and it had traveled far across the cosmos (presumably with Zorgulon) to either take over or destroy planet Earth.


Cerebulon's true body has long arms that end in scythe-like daggers, and instead of legs it uses several tails for locomotion. Its mouth ends in a proboscis with sharp teeth, and five eyes on its face, one much bigger than the rest at its center. Behind its "mouth", it has a set of gills to breathe, and its head looks like a human brain.

After being defeated however, Cerebulon's head explodes to reveal a insect-like creature mirroring a spider or scorpion, with its abdomen resembling the brain. This form is unable to fight and easily scared off.

Abilities Edit

Cerebulon itself is capable of fast-slicing attacks and able to shoot lasers from its eye. He is also very clever, able to anticipating its opponents specialized abilities and countering them fairly easily. In spite of this it mostly fights first in its mechanical suits: its larger suit able to release a death ray onto his opponents, and its smaller suit capable of releasing a high voltage attack.

Notes Edit

  • The secondary mechanical suit holds a resemblance to the Tripods from War of the worlds.
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