Cerebrocrustacean (dancing)
General Information
Homeworld Encephalonus IV
Locomotion Quadrupedal (Omniverse)
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Ben 10

Cerebrocrustaceans (a play on "cerebrum" and "crustacean") are an extraterrestrial species of very intellectual crab-like arthropods from the stormy planet Encephalonus IV.


The Cerebrocrustaceans are very intellectual aliens that closely resemble a giant crab. They have orange or purple exoskeletons with small bumps around the face and on top of their head. Their head is very large with arms sprouting from each side. They use a neck brace to support their heads while moving out of the water, have claws, six spider-like legs and a stubby body. Their face is composed of only yellow or pink eyes and a mouth (which does not move as they speak, because they communicate through electrostatics vibrating gaseous media and liquid).

History Edit

The Cerebrocrustaceans' ancestors took advantage of the natural storms surrounding the Encephalonus planets and it in turn resulted in the destruction (by using up all natural resources) of the planets Encephalonus I through III by the time they arrived at Encephalonus IV they had evolved in order to create the electricity instead of taking it away and therefore arrived as the electricity generating crustaceans you now see. They are deeply ashamed of their ancestors being responsible for the destruction of their original homeworld Encephalonus I and the two other planets in there solar system.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Cerebrosrustaceans are able to open the exoskeleton plates on their head to reveal an enormous brain. This lets them, by thinking hard enough, produce electrical storms, generate and shoot very strong electricity at foes and psychic forcefields from their brain. They can also encase other people in force-fields and move them around. They are also extremely intelligent, making them speak in a higher diction and a British accent. Also Cerebrosrustaceans tends to be egotistical which makes them forget how to do simple things due to their cocky attitude.


Their predators are the Vicetopus, large, dark red octopus-like creatures feed on them and they are weak against these beasts.


Notes Edit

  • Like the Incurseans, their original home was destroyed from the abuse of their natural resources.
  • They are rivals of the Galvans.
  • According to Derrick J. Wyatt, they are filter feeders and can project their thoughts with soundwaves.
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