The Ceratonotus Steiningeri are a species of parasites native to Earth's ocean's depths.

Biology Edit

Ceratonotus Steiningeri are a parasitical species. They are able to latch unto the host, enhancing the body with endoskeletal armor, amphibious gills, and launch calcified bone spurs. Though such a price comes at the cost of the host's mind, in which the parasite assumes control. They can access the host's memory and mimic their appearance externally. Exposure to air internally causes the creature to die.

History Edit

After the existence of the aquatic races known as the Blue and the Black were revealed to the world in what was called the Twenty-Three Minute War, the U.S. government commissioned the Wave, a pan-national ocean research facility, to create an endoskeletal armor to combat these new threats. The head of the project was Dr. Clive Sorentino, who used the species of parasites called Ceratonotus Steiningeri to create it.

However, unbeknownst to the scientist, Clive had infected himself with the lifeform, which were revealed to be intelligent. As it turn out they had waited millennia for humanity to discover them so that they may attach themselves and wipe them out.

Aspen Mathews, a Blue ambassador, discovered the creatures' plot, killing the infected Clive. However, five Secret Service agents had undergone the treatment for endo-skeletal armor and were currently guarding the President.

Aspen managed to track the agents, killing each one.

Appearances Edit

  • Fathom Vol 4 01 (2012)
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