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Ceph Stalker
Ceph Stalker
Universe Crysis Universe
Homeworld Earth
Average Height ~5.6ft tall
Diet Unspecified
Sapience Level Sapient

Ceph Stalkers are a Ceph troop type derived from Humans. Stalkers are often the first to be encountered by foes, as they are used as scouts or assassins if the Ceph are attacking or moving into a fortified area.


It is likely that the Stalker can stand around 6 feet tall but they are typically found in a hunched, hunter-like stance. Their sleek silver armor consists of the main ribcage area, the helmet, vambraces, and leg armor. Their tentacles notably protrude from their back, making a noticeable weak point.

The lighter armor-frame of the Stalker allows it more agility and allows greater speeds than other Ceph units. Upon death, Stalkers "explode" or more accurately "burst" and their helmet lamps lose their glow.

Their design was changed after the Events of 2024AD. Their body now possess spikes down their back and they abandoned their plasma gun in exchange for sharp and long hand-blade.