Alien Species

A centipede alien greeting Elzar


Being arrested by Smitty and URL in Cop Department


After him!

The centipede-like aliens are a yet unnamed species of large, sapient insectoids. Although their homeworld has never been revealed, some members of this species are known to inhabit Earth in the 30th century.


These creatures have a long, cylindrical segmented body with numerous jointed legs. The head sports a pair of long, also jointed antennae, in addition to two very large black eyes and a beaked mouth. Like most insectoids, they begin life as larvae and have their body protected by an exoskeleton. When in danger, a centipede-like alien will run and hide in a heap of dead leaves; a habit that further increases their resemblance to Earth centipedes. They also have the ability to create a memetic "blur" that obscures their facial features.

Behind the scenes[]

Only a few members of this species have ever been seen in Futurama so far: one greeting Elzar in "Bender Gets Made"; a criminal one being arrested by policemen Smitty and URL in the TV show Cop Department in Season 2 Episode 11 "The Lesser of Two Evils", as well as his wife and larvae; and one turning his coat to the coat man at the floating restaurant.