"Centaurs playing polo! What could be more appropriate?"
―Sara Foster, Destiny Doll

The Centaurs are a sapient race which possesses the head, arms and torso of a Human and the lower body of a horse. At least one group of them is known to inhabit the mysterious unnamed planet in which famous space explorer Lawrence Arlen Knight disappeared. They purchased the spherical brain of Knight's android companion, Roscoe, from a gnome-like merchant who lived on the planet, and used the robotic brain as a ball to play polo. The Centaurs are an aggressive species, which regard pacifism as cowardice and usually settle things with sword duels.


  • Destiny Doll, by Clifford D. Simak (1971)

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  • Centaurs, the mythical Earth race on which Simak's Centaurs are clearly based.
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