This strange beast represents a kind of life completely unknown to science. It was discovered dwelling in what could be called a starship graveyard: an area of space filled with several derelict vessels; the crews of which had previously fallen victim to this alien predator.


Apparently, this creature is able to shift between two forms: an immaterial form which manifests itself as an eerie floating light pattern; and a material one which looks like a monstrous amorphous creature, dark green in color, bearing several grasping tentacles and what seems to be a single, brightly luminescent white eye.

It is capable of exerting some sort of supernatural attraction over its helpless victims, pulling them towards itself to consume them. It swallows its prey whole and, few seconds later, spits out the remains: nothing but a carbonized carcass.

Despite its eldritch nature, the monster (at least in its solid form) is still a flesh and blood creature and vulnerable to bladed weapons.


  • Space: 1999, s01e23 - "Dragon's Domain"


  • Despite bearing no obvious resemblance to the mythical beast, this monster is compared to and referred to as a "dragon" by Tony Cellini, as referenced in the episode's title.
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