Alien Species
Universe X-COM
Homeworld Mars
Diet Unknown
Sapience Level Non-Sapient (Presumed)

Celatids are a species of presumably-non-sapient organisms which are known to accompany the Mutons in their more dire wanderings. They have the mysterious yet certainly natural ability to float through the air, which they use as their solitary form of locomotion. They are apparently psychic in nature and appear to detect brain waves of foes such as Humans, allowing them to move towards a target even if they are well hidden.

Once the target is in range, the Celatid will suddenly drop to the ground and fire small globules of extremely corrosive venom, which arcs through the air, which is less harmful to armor plating, as it is intended to dissolve exposed flesh.

A dissected Celatid.

Ironically, they are susceptible to their own spit. They are quite fast and accurate with their spit attack, and considering their relatively small size, they are also hard to hit, making them a difficult target indeed. Luckily however they are weak-skinned, allowing them to be killed even from a glancing shot from heavy plasma weaponry. Unfortunately however they are an r-strategist species, and can clone themselves at an alarming rate, although they seem to be too preoccupied during active battle to perform such a task.

The organism's core contains a small bio-mechanical device which appears to be a naturally evolved anti-gravity propulsion system. The sac of venom is the largest organ and there does not appear to be a separate brain structure, indicating non-sapience to be highly likely. There is no discernible digestive or reproductive system, either. A small organ contains embryos which can grow rapidly into a new Celatid.