The Catkind are a race of humanoid felines from New Savannah in the M87 galaxy.

Appearance and biology Edit

The Catkind are Humanoid like us, standing in two legs and possessing two arms although they do exhibit feline traits such as claws, sharp teeth and hissing.

Catkind would reproduce during their teenage years and birthed litters of kittens. Oddly enough, these kittens looked a lot like traditional house cats though this would change as they matured.

History Edit

Catkind were originally native to New Savannah in the Felinus system within the M87 galaxy. However, by the time of Humanity’s arrival, these savannahs were unproductive and without Human assistance, the species would have been doomed to starvation. Since then they spread throughout M87, most notably New Earth which acted as a haven for both Human and Catkind alike. It is unknown if New Savannah is still inhabited or if it would be abandoned by now.

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