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The Cathar were a race of felinoids were native to the planet with the same name. The males had full manes and two long, pointed teeth that extended downward from their upper jaw. The females also had a flowing mane, but lacked the male's fangs. Individual variations among the two subspecies of Cathar - the Juhani and Myr Rho - were also noted, with both subspecies being described as less feline than the baseline Cathar stock. As a people, the Cathar were known for their ferocious nature and their respect for their elders. Each Cathar clan was ruled by its eldest members, and revered its warriors, who protected their clan against attacks by the kiltik that were also native to Cathar. Cathar couples mated for life, and often would not take another mate if their chosen mate died.

The Cathar were nearly exterminated during the Mandalorian Wars, when Cassus Fett led a devastating attack on the planet Cathar. Many Cathar were taken and sold into slavery, although males were eventually deemed too violent to make good slaves. A number of Cathar managed to escape from their captors, and established settlements on other worlds. These survivors kept the race alive. The near-destruction of the Cathar led the Jedi Knights to join the fight against the Mandalorians, and many notable Cathar served as Jedi Knights during the millennia that followed. Over time, the surviving Cathar returned to their homeworld and re-established their populations there.

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