Articles that have been identified as suffering from some kind of problem.

Please don't add pages here directly. Instead, have them added to one of these subcategories by using the relevant template which automatically categorizes them:

  • Blank Pages (Template:Blank) - Pages which contain no information whatsoever.
  • Stub (Template:Stub) - Pages which already have some information, but not nearly enough considering how much is known about the subject. Please note that just because a page has little information, doesn't mean it's a Stub. It may as well be that the page contains all the info that's known about this subject.
  • Articles with Incomplete Sections (Template:Incomplete) - Pages which have lots of information but one or more sections of it are heavily incomplete. For instance, a "History" section which only covers the beginning of the subject's history; or an "Appearances" section that lists only a few appearances and leaves out several more.
  • Articles Requiring Clean-up (Template:Cleanup) - Pages which suffer from bad grammar, spelling, layout or something else, and need to be revised accordingly.
  • Articles that Need to be Rewritten (Template:Revision) - Pages which need to be rewritten from scratch because they're currently unacceptable, be it because they've been plagiarized from some other source or heavily vandalized.
  • Unillustrated (Template:Noimage) - Pages that display no image of the subject matter. Please note that this only applies to subjects coming from visual media and which have been officially illustrated. If the page, for instance, is about a species from a book which has never been illustrated officially, then it does not apply.
  • Needs Infobox - Pages that lack the infobox template which is used to display quick information on the subject matter.

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