General Information
Homeworld Unknown
Body Type Humanoid (at day)
Insectoid (at night)
Locomotion Bipedal (at day)
Crawling (at night)
Diet Carnivorous
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Duck Dodgers

The Catapoids transformed.

The Catapoids are a sapient race of female shapeshifters which alternate between two forms. During the day, they look like beautiful humanoids. At sunset, they become monstrous, caterpillar-like insectoids.


In their humanoid form they resemble blue-skinned females with elfin ears and a pair of short antennae. Their hair can be purple, blue, red, orange, brown or yellow. Their language resembles a series of hisses and clicks. They seem to require the same environmental conditions as earthlings.

At night, they rip off their skins to reveal a larger, much more monstrous insectoid form with two-fingered hands, an armored slug-like body, a spiked tail, sharp teeth and bulging eyes.


  • Duck Dodgers, s01e01, "Big Bug Mamas" (2003)
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