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The Caretaker Class Drone is a Luminoth combat mecha designed for Spider Ball training purposes. It is a large robot that extends from the ceiling of the room it is kept at in the Sanctuary Fortress, with three arms used to attack objects traveling along the Spider Ball tracks inside the shaft that it calls home.

Combat Stats[]

The Caretaker springs into action when Samus begins to move up along the Spider Ball rails in the shaft, moving to eliminate the intruder. It will use its sweeping arms to knock Samus off the rails and onto the electrified floor below. Periodically, three sensory antennae will extend from the Caretaker's head, which can be destroyed with a Boost Ball charge to deal damage. As it loses more of the sensors, its movements become more erratic. Once all three have destroyed, it will begin to expose its final weak point: the drone's primary sensor at the core of the mecha. Since the Caretaker only exposes it for about a second at a time, the final attack must be executed quickly to finish the battle. Defeating the Caretaker allows Samus to progress to the area where the Screw Attack is found.


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