Careening Dirigibug
270px-Careening Dirigibug
General Information
Scientific name Flotillium circusmaximus
Homeworld Unknown
Habitat "Alien Ecosystem"
Length 47 mm
Locomotion Flight
Sapience Level Unknown
Behavior Antagonistic
Racial Abilities Bomb-Rock creation
Status Unknown
Behind the Scenes
Universe Pikmin

The Careening Dirigibug is a bizarre organism that can be located on PNF-404, though it is difficult to say if the planet is indeed it's homeworld or not.


The Carrening Dirigibug appears insectoid in nature. Similar to Scarpanids, it does not possess any legs on its body, and instead moves around slowly in the air through colorful, balloon-like air sacs attached to its head. It has two small arms near its mouth, and small antenna just above the eyes.


Captain Olimar describes these creatures as, in both nature and appearance, antagonistic. Is can sometimes be found "working" alongside Gatling Groinks, as it has a similar mindset to the Dirigibug.

This strange creature, when spotting a foreign creature invading its territory, will reach into its mouth and in a matter of seconds pull out a type of explosive material commonly known as "Bomb-rocks". These bomb-rocks are extremely sensitive and can explode with the slightest stimulus. The Careening Dirigibug will proceed to float towards the intruder, and drop the bomb-rock onto them. This kind of behavior isn't limited to alien life, as it has been observed to do this with other lifeforms as well.

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