Caped Stalker
FF 140 alien5 f
Caped Stalker scout.
General Information
Habitat Blue Moon
Height 30 cm
Locomotion Flight
Diet Carnivorous (Sky Whales)
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Extraterrestrial

The Caped Stalker is a social predator native to Blue Moon.


They live in large colonies, similar to bees, of 300 Stalkers and catch their prey while flying. The scouts mark their prey with a scent that the workers can track. Their favourite prey is the Sky Whale.

Similar to crocodilians, Stalkers have rough skin that, at first glance, would prevent them from moving through the air (in the case of crocodilians it is water). In fact their rough skin grips the air around them and helps them move through the air undetected, just like what the dimples on a golf ball are used for.


  • Extraterrestrial, a.k.a. Alien Worlds (2005)


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