General Information
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe The Orville Universe

The Calivon are a technologically advanced species in The Orville.

Biology Edit

A red skinned humanoid race with round heads.

Culture Edit

The Calivon are a culture that is more technologically advanced than the Planetary Union. They view other lesser technological species as inferior, and little more than animals. Other races that are similarly technologically advanced however such as the Kaylon are treated as equals.

The Planetary Union, unwilling to engage them, have ordered all their ships must avoid Calivon space. The Calivon possess buoys which drift through space for unsuspecting victims, luring them with distress calls to capture new alien specimens. The buoy hacks into the ship's computers and creates a customized hologram complex enough to fool the passengers on board with a convincing dialogue and personal history. The specimens are then transported to a Calivon zoo.

Source Edit

  • The Orville Season 1: Episode 2: Command Performance
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