Alien Species
Universe X-COM
Homeworld Unknown
Average Height Likely variable due to amorphous nature
Diet Unknown
Sapience Level Non-Sapient (Presumed)

Calcinites are a race of gelatinous organisms which "possess" the diving suits of lost mariners both as a disguise as well as a useful ambush tactic. They often will stalk the seabed for unwary victims, swiping at them with vicious claws stronger than steel. They will sometimes accompany an Aquatoid in attacks on land, perhaps using their diving suit bodies to ambush initial foes to allow the weak-skinned Aquatoids a chance to storm the location. Even so, since Aquatoids are so physically weak they do not enjoy land attacks much and prefer to simply avoid doing so.

Calcinite Autopsy

A dead Calcinite.

Within the diving suit while the Calcinite is still alive a gelatinous green form can be discerned swirling around within the face mask, although once it is killed and the armored suit is stripped away they are revealed to simply be a huge amorphous blob of protoplasm, suggesting that they are in fact one gargantuan cell (although they could also be a colony of cells). With no visible brain, limbs or sensory organs and only a small metallic component residing deep within the liquid body, it can be assumed that they are not in fact sapient as one might initially confer; instead, chances are more likely that they are simply controlled mentally by the Aquatoids and one of their many implants.