Calcified Crushblat
Exposed Crushblat
General Information
Scientific name ???
Homeworld PNF-404
Habitat Tropical coastal forests
Body Type Amphibious
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Behavior Passive
Racial Abilities Rapid Calcification
Status Rare
Behind the Scenes
Universe Pikmin

The Calcified Crushblat is a type of amphibious creature recently discovered during Captain Charlie's expedition in the tropical coastal regions on PNF-404.

Biology Edit

This species of Crushblat is a strange creature, seemingly nothing but a large head with a pair of small, chicken-like legs. Its whole body is covered in smooth skin, which is often concealed in a calcified casing for protection. Its eyes are spread wide apart on its head, with small hairs above its eyes.

Its back patterns differ from each individual, with differently patterned stripes on its legs and cobbled spots on its back. This is the main (and currently only) way to point out one Calcified Crushblat from the other.

Calcified Crushblats are fairly passive creatures, and can move fairly fast to avoid predators. It is often studied during its slumber, but while it won't actively attack other creatures that doesn't mean it won't try to defend itself. If push into fighting, it is able to perform a similar defensive strategy to most Wollywogs; jumping in the air and crushing those underneath it.

Calcification Edit

This specialized ability is what gave this creature its namesake, and is what it's most notable for doing. The calcification on its body takes the form of a translucent, almost crystalline shell.


A Calcified Crushblat in process of creating its calcified shell.

The process of calcification on normal terms takes at least three to four years to take place, let alone complete, but the Calcified Crushblat can somehow replicate this process in a matter of days. This process takes up a lot of energy, often leaving the Calcified Crushblat dormant throughout the process in a hibernation-like state.

They are sometimes observed chipping holes in this armor, namely at the mouth so they always have a hole to feed from, as the calcification covers every part of their body except their legs.

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