Caeliar, cybernetic biomolecular alien.

The Caeliar was a humanoid race originated from the delta quadrant, their home planet was situated in the Azure nebula, these aliens were formed by the supernova star of a atom this star, different from other races, the shape of a Caeliar was a head with having tentacles, and acted collectively among them, in this collective "cellular" mental, they would say between them, interacting in many voices, over the years, there was an alien battle of a great ship Axion city to a alenigena war, innumerable starships fell when being destroyed by the ship Axion, falling in the deserted region where the Caeliar resided.

A nanosonde of the Axion ship, had an artificial life form, were introduced into the bodies of the Caediar, merging into a new way of life, gaining more intelligence, creating cybernetic technologies, and baptized the planet Caeliar de Erigol, and years later founded cities and bases to emanate positronic signals to attract more ships and other beings, betraying aliens to an ambush, assimilating and developing new technologies to merge them, creating a great internal and uncontrolled power of Erigol, ruled by a collective leader, King Inyx.

In the 22nd century, Captain Erika Hernandez's Columbia spacecraft received a positronic signal to an unknown space tunnel, a request for alien rescue, as it crossed the time tunnel, the Columbia ship was destroyed by the Caeliar ambush in the Delta quadrant, fall desert of Erigol to 4,000 years in the past and before the 22nd century, the base of the Caediar was destroyed with the fall of USS Columbia, there were 12 members of the embassy of Delta IV, the Caeliar merged with the bodies of the Deltanos, for being a telepathic and telekinetic race, developing more the technology of the Caeliar , to a new species, being the first Borgs.

The first queen Borg was a Deltana Ryla, daughter of a ambassador "denominated species 125" it was cloned countless times by the nanosonde and replaced if it was destroyed, tried to assimilate the origin of construction of ship USS Columbia, Captain Hernandez like prisoner sacrificed assimilated by Borg, blocking the collectivity, activating the system of destruction of the ship, generating a great environmental catastrophic to the planet Erigol.

The surviving Borgs used the destroyed ships, reactivating them with the nanosounds, abandoning the planet of origin to space, in search of other ships to assimilate and build a great Borg fortress in the quadrant of it, and with time, space tunnels within gravity of a star to traverse the speed of light of time and place, assimilating other aliens from other galaxies.

In 2381 Captain Riker's USS Titan encounters an intact transmitter of Captain Erika Hernandez in his last logbook, preventing any ship from entering the tunnel, USS Titan finds and destroys the tunnel with a photonic torpedo.

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