Cadmium(X-O Manwar)
General Information
Homeworld Gorin
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Valiant Universe

The Cadmiums are a humanoid species from the planet Gorin in the Valiant Universe.

Biology Edit

The Cadmium are humanoids, bearing close to humans, save that they are genetically modified breed, tailored to their specific roles.

History Edit

The Cadmium were one of three sentient species native to Gorin, however they ruled Gorin and enslaved the Burnt and the Azure. The Cadmium Empire used their sister races in horrific genetic experiments to enhance their own species lifespans and knowledge in genetics reigning power on the planet.

Eventually the Azure Nation was formed and rose to oppose the Cadmium Empire leading to a war for control of the planet.

Culture Edit

The Cadmiums are the upperclass and most advanced race on Gorin. They are masters of genetic engineering and have direct access to space travel. Cadmium society is very vain, all science devoted to using other races to extend their lives and pleasures. They are able to create clones that are groomed as organ donors and slaves with no limbs for pleasure.

Sources Edit

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