The Caarites were a species of short, wide-headed humanoids that was native to the planet of Caarimon. The average Caarite was similar in appearance to a Sullustan, and was a friendly, jovial being. Unfortunately, most of the Caarites encountered off Caarimon were employed by the Metatheran Cartel, and had a penchant for underhanded dealings. Thus, many beings only saw the seedier side of the Caarite race. The average Caarite stood about a meter tall, and had pale pink skin that was translucent. Their hairless bodies were soft, and their upturned nosed gave them a pig-like appearance. Caarite children bore a striking resemblance to tiny Trandoshans, a fact that was often noted by offworld visitors to Caarimon.

As a people, the Caarites lived in a symbiotic relationship with their homeworld, and did what they could to ensure the natural environment of Caarimon's surface. The Caarites went so far as to build floating cities that were fueled by the respiratory byproducts of the native plant life, and which outgased waste products that were made up of the gases elements needed for the plant life to exist. All speeders used on the planet were developed with the same idea, to be fueled by the gases that were produced by the plants, and to give off exhausts that could be used by the plants to exist.

The Caarites were one of three races, along with the Neimoidians and the Filordi, which controlled the Trade Federation during the decades leading up to the Battle of Naboo. However, both the Filordi and the Caarites were unprepared for the Neimoidians' plans to blockade the Naboo System, and decided to break off their relationship with the Trade Federation. Together, the two races formed the Metatheran Cartel, and began making plans to wrest control of Cularin from the Federation if the blockade of Naboo should fail. When the Federation was defeated at Naboo and was faced with the loss of their trade charter, the Metatheran Cartel assumed control of Cularin.

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