CL4P-TP is a line of robots more commonly referred to as Claptraps. Created by the Hyperion corporation to be utilised as stewards and servants, Claptraps developed a reputation for being useless in their purpose and generally annoying due to their eccentric personalities and lack of interest in actually carrying out their intended tasks.

On Pandora, Claptraps are often used by civilians as door guards or other menial tasks, or for target practice by Bandits. However, Claptraps have been proven capable of combat, as evident by the weaponised army of Claptraps lead by the reprogrammed Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap, and by the modified Fragtrap employed by Handsome Jack.

When the Hyperion Corporation seized absolute control over Pandora, they shut down the entire CL4P-TP line on the planet, save for one. This last Claptrap went on to join the Crimson Raiders resistance movement in the hopes of avenging the rest of its line, although it was treated as more of a tolerate annoyance by the resistance. It also operated under the misguided belief that the vault hunters most active in combating Hyperion were its 'minions.'

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