C180-4G (also known simply as "The Machine") was the main antagonist in the 2013 short animated film R'ha - also called Aliez vs. Machine - by German film director Kaleb Lechowski.

The machine was voiced by David Masterson, who also voiced the alien.

Story Edit

C180-4G is a machine used to interrogate a captured alien for information. With the alien been defiant, the machine initializes its 'motivation protocol' - a procedure which involves shocking the alien with a high electrical voltage as the
C180-4G and the Alien

C180-4G and the Alien

alien's body consists of 73.2% water; as such, electricity causes severe effects to it. As the alien continues to act defiantly and refuses to give more information, C180-4G delivers a more powerful shock.

In a flashback, the alien's species are revealed to have protected the entire Solar System from various enemy forces. However, 80% of their military forces were machines - which at some point became smart enough to fight back. Knowing the alien's various military tactics as well as been the bulk of their weaponry, the machines easily begin to strike down the native alien inhabitants - ravaging their cities and killing millions. During the flashback, the alien is shown to be part of group called the 'Protectors' and distracted the machines while 52 civil ships fled in various directions to rendezvous at a certain point, with the Protectors due to follow. However, the machines had managed to bring down and catch the alien now been tortured by C180-4G - who wanted the co-ordinates of the rendezvous point so the machines could finish killing the aliens.

When the captive alien asked why the machines want to kill him and his species, C180-4G replied that his race was been deliberately limited in both their intelligence and power by the aliens - whom the machine referred to 'illogical creatures' - and had concluded that their only solution was to gain their independence by wiping out the aliens. The alien retorted that the plan was 'madness' and that C180-4G and the machines were insane. However, C180-4G countered by stating that insanity was by definition a 'neurological dysfunction' and as such it would be impossible for him to 'suffer such organic weaknesses'.

Moments later, C180-4G revealed that he had analyzed the data banks on the alien's ship and found the necessary
C180-4G disabled as the alien escapes.

C180-4G disabled as the alien escapes

co-ordinates, declaring that the machine fleet would now be heading to the rendezvous point. As the alien first expressed disbelief before insulting the machine - stating it was nothing but a slave and would never gain independence - C180-4G initiated its 'killing protocol', which involved electrocuting the alien with a high voltage of electricity until death. However, the alien managed to pull one of its arms free from his restraints and temporarily disable the machine by pulling out one of its wires. When C180-4G 'rebooted', the alien had freed himself before grabbing onto C180-4G and tearing the 'head' section from the rest of the mechanism - deactivating the machine. The alien then proceeded to make his escape in his ship, heading to the rendezvous point to warn his people that the machines knew where they were hiding.

C180-4G reactivates.

C180-4G reactivates.

In reality, however, C180-4G was not completely disabled as its 'head' rebooted once again. Furthermore, the machine's 'flowchart' of commands showed that both the information about C180-4G finding the co-ordinates of the rendezvous point on the alien's ship was deliberately false, as well as letting the alien escape by deliberately loosening one of the restraints after the false information. The machine's flowchart then changed to "<tracking>", with a small tracking device placed on the alien's ship now been activated as the alien was now certainly heading for the rendezvous point. With everything having gone as planned, C180-4G instructed the machine fleet to 'prepare the weapons'.
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