The C'Servoids are a type of scientific race apart of the SPORE Universe.


C'Servoid Soldier and Trooper

The two main variants of C'Servoids: a C'Servoid Soldier, and a C'Servoid Trooper.

C'Servoids are a species of bipedal creatures, presumably reptilian in nature due to their reptile-like scales. Although they have four-way opening maws with razor-sharp teeth, bear-like claws, and a lace on the end of their tails, all C'Servoids don't have any eyes and don't have a big awareness of the world around them.

A number of variants had been documented: the soldiers are a dullish blue whilst the larger Troopers are greenish-yellow. There was also documented reports of a purple variant of C'Servoid, but this is mostly based off of rumor, and no true existence of a purple variant had been confirmed.


The race of C'Servoids are hostile and relentless towards other races, keeping some known races as slaves within their colonies and planets. Not much is known of their history apart from a particular event, in which they used numerous slaves to build a doomsday project known to the C'Servoids as the "TX-500 super weapon". A spy from the enslaved species used for the project howveer reported this in action, and space officials arrived to the colony and not only freed the enslaved creatures, but destroyed the superweapon.


Super Arma TX-5000

C'Servoids are mechanics in their craft, and they presumably are a spacefaring race of conquering species. They've created numerous weapons to be used in combat, including but not limited to: plasma blasters, electric-charged swords, three-clawed pulsars, and missile launchers. Of course, this also includes the TX-5000 Superweapon, which is a kind of giant robot with weapons of mass destruction.

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