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Universe R-Type Universe
Homeworld Bydo Homeworld
Average Height Variable, from a few meters to a kilometer
Diet Parasitoid
Sapience Level Variable


The Bydo were originally bio-engineered as weapons sometime during the 26th century. They were placed in an orbital facility the size of a small moon where a combination of natural evolution, genetic tampering, and "black magic" (more than likely psionics, although, given the virulency of Bydo organisms, they may very well be part Demon) changed them into virulent germ-warfare agents.

The facility was intended to be driven into a wormhole to reach an enemy planet in the galaxy, but something went wrong before the trip and the Bydo became active in our own solar system. The Bydo caused havoc and chaos, raging over the void for 150 hours.

The Bydo organisms were eventually rounded up and blasted outside our dimension by an experimental weapon. After an endless amount of time drifting, growing, and evolving, they eventually learnt about dimensional and time traveling and managed to escape their exile, coming back in time four centuries before they were actually created to make war on their creators on the 22nd century, as all Frankensteins' Monsters seem to do. Although most low class Bydo seem to be mere sarvage beast, the Bydo as whole race are sentient. They produce many forms of mechanical weapon during long conflict against humanity. Bydo's mechanical weapon utilise neural transmission catalyst named J-zyme, this jelly-like, pinkish tissue allow Bydo to manipulate complex mechanic with simple will.

The Bydo where created in such a state that they behave both like energy-based waveforms and particle-based matter.

The Bydo where presumably wiped out from universe in their last war against human, the Operation Last Dance. As Bydo core facility, the womb, is destroyed by anonymous pilot in R-99 Last Dancer fighter.


Forces are "tame" Bydo organisms that can attach to synthetic vessels to add their energy to the vehicles. They are used by both R-Type pilots and Bydo starfighter organisms. Forces are larval Bydo creatures encased in an indestructable force field generated by bio-energy, and controlled through rods. A smaller type of force, called a "Bit", is the result of attepting to reverse-engineer them using human biology to generate the field-a highly controversial project that never got much farther than prototypical stages. Likewise were attempts to further employ Bydo biology in human craft. Such as the Amphibion series, which made use of a scaled shell, as well as extensive experimentation with J-Zyme, known as the B-Series. However due to costs, risks, and the final success of Operation Last Dance, they never saw widespread use. Though they were prominent enough for at least one J-Zyme training academy to have been formed.


The Bydo are extraordinarily versatile creatures, capable of generating massive quantities of energy for the purposes of growth, reproduction, and self-defense. However, the true terror of the Bydo is their ability to assimilate any form of matter or energy, converting it into more Bydo. Given the fact that Bydo exist as both solid matter and as a waveform, and are fully capable of assimilating things in either state, and only need a moment to do so, it is fairly safe to say that the Bydo might just be THE single most dangerous and powerful biological entity in any universe.

Also, they can consume THOUGHT. That's not an exaggeration, that is something that Bydo can actually DO.

For all this, however, some Bydo hosts can resist them, using the Bydo's horrific biological technology against them.

Related Creatures Edit

The Ayden, Shutom, Guaneem, Chimass in the F-A stage of R-Type Final are all part Bydo, although they are more human than Bydo. Flocks of these creatures are called Genon.

Types of Bydo Edit

Basic Bydo: The Basic Bydo travel in flocks.

Medium Bydo: The Medium Bydo are a slightly stronger health

Large Bydo: The Large Bydo are mini bosses in the R-Type series

Huge Bydo: The Huge Bydo are the bosses(or mini-bosses) in the R-Type series.

Bydo Core: The Bydo Core(simply called Bydo)is the final boss in R-Type games. It was always located at the Bydo Womb in the Bydo Empire's dimension(The dimension they were banished to) and was finally destroyed by the R-99 Last Dancer fighter in R-Type Final. But since he regenerated many times before, it seems unlikely he'll stay dead.

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