Bwelelyang and Bob (correct native spellings here); better known as The Twins; are two hyper-intelligent alien technicians who work in the Men in Black Headquarters on Earth. They are seen working at the surveillance board monitoring the activities of some of the most unstable aliens on Earth. They are also invariably assigned to any task that involves dealing with strange technology, figuring out codes and translations, and are also responsible for keeping the headquarters running on 37-hours-a-day Centaurian time.

The Twins are gastropods of radial symmetry, with eight arms equally spaced around the body, each terminating on two digits. From their central area protrudes a single eyestalk with a large yellow eye. While their species name is not known, the fact that they were responsible for synchronizing the headquarters to a Centaurian day timescale has led some to believe that they are native to the Centaurus constellation.


  • As the pictures show, they were rendered with only five arms in the animated series, while the movie clearly shows them with eight.
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