Buzz Buzz was a bee-like alien from the future, and a dedicated freedom fighter against Giygas' regime. He had told Ness his destiny and how to find his true strength, then met an untimely death at the hands of Lardna Minch (she swatted him because she thought he was a dung beetle).

Buzz Buzz traveled back to Ness's time on a meteorite that crashed on a hill north of his hometown, Onett. When Pokey, Ness's obnoxious neighbor and his eventual worst enemy, convinced Ness to help him find his younger brother Picky, they found him sleeping next to the impact crater. Suddenly, a beam of light shines from the meteorite and then Buzz Buzz emerges to greet Ness and tell him about his mission. He joins Ness and the two brothers and escorts them to Pokey's house. About three quarters of the way there, one of Giygas's minions, the Starman Junior, appears in front of Ness and tries to kill them. Buzz Buzz protects the children from the alien's PSI attacks with a PSI Shield Sigma, and with the help of Ness and Picky (Pokey was doing absolutley nothing to help), they defeat the Starman Jr.

After the party returns to Pokey's house, the former's father, Aloysis Minch, lectures the two children for wandering around while they were gone. After that, Buzz Buzz lands on the head of Pokey's mother, Lardna. She panics and in an act of brutality, swats Buzz Buzz into the floor. With his dying breath, he told Ness about the eight "Your Sanctuary" locations and how they would give him the strength to defeat Giygas. He then gave him the Sound Stone, an item that would record the melodies of the said locations. After that, Buzz Buzz gave in to his wounds and died.

Battle StatsEdit

Since Buzz Buzz only had one battle planned (the one against Starman Jr.), he had a sparse choice of battle moves and NPC controlled. His main attacks include charging and basic melee attack, and his only PSI power is PSI Shield Sigma (protects entire party from PSI).


  • Earthbound/Mother 2 (First appearance)
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