The Burvixese are sentient, turtle-like aliens native to Arcturus I, who once lived on a swampy world of Arcturus I. They were a relatively benevolent, highly technological race who, instead of traveling between stars, talked with other races via HyperWave in the safety of their own homes.


When the Gg had come under attack by the Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah around 2142, the Gg shared this information with its neighbors before they were annihilated by the Kohr-Ah. The Burvixese then warned the neighboring Druuge that a Kohr-Ah fleet was heading toward Druuge space following the Druuge's powerful hyperwave transmissions advertising their location and services for sale. Not wishing to share the fate of the Gg, the Druuge secretly installed a powerful hyperwave 'caster on the Burvixese moon and activated it while shutting down their own in hopes of tricking the Kohr-Ah fleet into thinking the Burvixese were the source of the Druuge hypercasts. Unfortunately for the Burvixese, the Kohr-Ah fell for the Druuge ruse and the Burvixese were destroyed in a genocidal orbital bombardment.

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