Alien Species

Bursas were large predators in the swamps and savannas of Naboo. They killed pikobises, motts, falumpasets, ikopies (similar to Earth's okapies) and many other Naboo species. They sometimes competed with Tusk-cats (similar to Earth's extinct Thylacosmilus) as they preyed on the same grazing animals. The bursas were also kept by royalties in different parts of Naboo. The favourite prey of the Bursa was the Shaak which species meat were quite juicy and slow moving. Bursas also preyed upon the Gungans. The only natural enemies of the Bursas are other Bursas, Tusk-cats and bigger herbivorous creatures.


Thousands of years ago, a race of semi-sapient Bursas existed, which built mud huts on the swamps and waged organized wars against the Gungans. These intelligent Bursas were eventually driven to extinction by Gungans, who became the dominant native species on Naboo.

Nowadays, all that remains of the Bursas is a non-sapient domesticated variety bred by the Amarans.


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