Burrow Beast.jpg
Burrow Beast
Universe Destroy All Humans! Universe
Homeworld Furon (Presumed)
Average Height Unspecified
Diet Carnivorous
Language None known
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Subspecies None known

Burrow Beasts are subterranean creatures that are utilized by the Furon Empire as a type of unconventional weaponry. They are implanted on worlds, including the planet Earth, and are then called to battle when a Furon fires a specialized lure. This will summon the monstrosity, which will then chase and devour potential prey items that move too close to the lure. It is considered a super weapon by Shama Llama but is not effective against structures or vehicles, indicating that attacking such objects likely would break their teeth or injure them in some other fashion, I.E, sharp objects like rebars, glass, etc., would rip apart it's insides.

The lures can be moved psychokinetically by Furons and other telekinetic species, which would indicate that the weapon is likely less useful on worlds that are inhabited by telekinetics. These lures can also be transmogrified in order to wield huge amounts of ammo for other Furon weaponry.

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