Burnt(X-O Manwar)
General Information
Homeworld Gorin
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Valiant Universe

The Burnt are a humanoid race native to Gorin in the Valiant Universe.

Biology Edit

The Burnt are humanoids, bearing close to humans, save that they possess cracked brown skin and are primarily desert dwellers.

History Edit

The Burnt were one of three sentient species native to Gorin, however they were enslaved alongside the Azure by the Cadmium. The Cadmium Empire used the Burnt in horrific genetic experiments to enhance their own species lifespans and knowledge in genetics reigning power on the planet.

Eventually the Azure Nation was formed and rose to oppose the Cadmium Empire leading to a war for control of the planet. The Burnt were conscripted by their sister race and forced to fight against the Cadmiums.

After the Cadmium President was killed by Aric, the Azure Emperor turn his sights on the Burnt nation. He tasked Aric in forcing the Burnt to comply with the national border, as the Burnt people were flooding into the Azure Empire. However the Burnt King revealed that the Azure were using a vile floating tower, driving them from their sacred lands and into the Azure lands.

When Aric began investigating he found evidence of the Azure Emperor's hand in the plot and was nearly assassinated. As it turned out the Azure Emperor was receiving assistance from an alien race called the Momomen, in return for destroying his enemies he promised to return them an artifact they had long been searching for.

Culture Edit

The Burnt mostly felt the war with the Cadmium and Azure would only lead to another master race ruling above the other three and originally were content to remain within the deserts. The Burnt are skilled hunters and traders that thrive in the harshest of environments, however the other races regard them as violent warriors.

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