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Former Symbol

Homeworld: Ursa

Known Emperors: Monch, Durpp, Grunk, Bullux, Smurch, Krungo, Grorvog, Mazurek, Krorvog, Uzor, Balrokzor, Trebakka

Racial Tendencies: Aggressive Ecologists

Tech Specialties: Poor Computers, Good Construction, Good Weapons

The ursoid Bulrathi were an almost unstoppable force in ground combat; when they attacked a planet the opposing ground forces were often easily overrun, and attacking one of theirs was even more difficult. Bulrathi fleets preferred large, tough ships. Bulrathi scientists were usually behind other races in computer quality, but their construction methods and weapons were good. Usually aggressive, Bulrathi emperors put an unusual emphasis on their ecologies. Their primary enemies were the Darloks and the Mrrshan; however they trusted the Humans more than other races.

The Bulrathi experienced little change after all this time, except that their ecological focus began to disappear. Their homeworld was high-gravity, which sustained their reputation for physical strength and toughness. A Bulrathi soldier could survive twice the damage that would destroy other life forms. Their soldiers were still extremely gifted at ground combat, and they also became more adept at space attacks as well. The Bulrathi were thought of as being aggressive and bold, willing to attack if their opponents were weak or unready. Their government was a Dictatorship. Bulrathi leaders were friendly towards the Elerians, but they did not trust Darloks or Meklars.