Alien Species
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Universe Ultraman
Homeworld Unknown
Length 59 meters
Weight 60,000 tons
Diet Unknown
Intellect Non-Sapient

Bullton were found as two meteorites, approximately the size of bowling balls, which crashed to Earth in 1966. Both has peculiar properties with living and non-living chemistry and characteristics. The scientists who discovered and experimented with the meteors were assaulted by temporal and spatial distortions created by these proto-creatures, making it impossible to find either scientist for some time.

Peculiar effects in the vicinity of the meteors' space-time warps included clocks that spun in reverse, and four-dimensional warping of the room occupied, so as to prevent the occupant from leaving. When Science Patrol was holding the two meteors in the containment chamber, they evolved into a gigantic amorphous body with a centralized mass and several short tentacles or limbs arrayed in all directions, many of which ended in orifices. Bullton locomoted by rolling over. It has extensible antennae in some of its orifices, and these antennae emitted energy that gave Bullton the capability to warp time and space.



Bullton's antenna.

When Bullton first formed, several other extradimensional warps were created. Within the Science Patrol headquarters, staircases were warped and extended infinitely into space; some rooms were inverted; some indoor regions appeared to be outdoor regions; and spatial gateways were opened to other, more abstract environments.

Bullton attacked by extra-dimensional juxtaposition. Planes in flight slid on the ground moments later, their fuselages exploding. Tanks were hurled through the air and destroyed. Against Ultraman, it temporarily stopped time and a warped space to deflect his attack. It later opened an extra-dimensional space underneath Ultraman and trapped him within Earth. However Ultraman was able to escape and create his own temporal-spatial rips which damaged Bullton's antennae. When Ultraman attacked Bullton with his Spacium ray, it turn out that the giant-sized mass is merely a projection from the combined meteors and Ultraman crushed it afterward.