Alien Species
Concept art of a Bull Rancor.
Bull Rancor
Universe Star Wars
Homeworld Felucia
Average Height Significantly larger than 5-10m
Diet Carnivorous, Mycophagous
Intelligence Semi-Sapient (Presumed)

The Bull Rancors are a far larger subspecies of the more common Rancor.

Habitat Range[]

Bull rancors are often found on the jungle world of Felucia, where they are known to revert to eating the giant fungi indigenous to that planet when prey is scarce; this procedure has been rumored to be the explanation for their size and color. A form of bull rancor can also be found on the mountainous planet of Dathomir.


Bull rancors are far more massive than typical rancors and possess a greenish skin tone. In a design similar to their smaller cousins, they possess long forelimbs combined with large hands for catching prey as well as almost no toes. However, they also possess four long, curving tusks that protrude from their spiky heads as well as longer tails than average rancor. Because they are so much larger, the tail must often be dragged along the ground.

Related Species[]


  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed