Bull-Strain Xenomorph
Bull Alien Comic
General Information
Homeworld TerraForm 3
Height Unspecified
Diet Carnivorous
Sapience Level Sapient (later part of life cycle)
Behind the Scenes
Universe AVP universe

Bull Facehugger

A Bull-strain Facehugger.

Bull Aliens are a Xenomorph strain that has formed from a cattle-like specimen. They have two curled horns, and are a red/blackish color. A hive of Bull Aliens consists of 81 workers (the Bulls themselves), 57 eggs and a solitary Queen. Hive facehuggers are red in hue.

First seen on a Human colony known as TerraForm 3, these species may have formed directly from actual cattle, although this would presumably have led instead to a Runner, and therefore there is an obvious idea that it could have certainly evolved from another species, especially since Runners are also known as Dog Aliens, even though they can form from several types of species.


Toy released through the Kenner line.

They hunt in stampedes, making them extremely aggressive and highly dangerous. They can run at a top speed of 49 mph and are capable of impaling a victim with their slashing horns. It can also head-butt a threat until their bones break, or, more likely, shatter entirely.

While all Xenomorph strains are weak to fire, this is especially the case with Bull Aliens. Their maximum tolerable temperature is only 327°F, which will kill a Bull Alien in mere seconds, leading for it to be considered the optimum tactic to use against a hive of Bulls. 

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Runners are known to be bred from a variety of species: dogs, oxen, krilltics, and kurns. Since oxen are nothing but a subspecies of cattle, which is the species a person will regularly think of when thinking of a bull (which is a male of several species of fauna), it is unlikely that a male cattle could produce a completely different variant of Xenomorph. Because of this, it is assumed that the name bull is simply referring to how it seems to appear and function as opposed to what specific species may have actually hosted it, in a very similar manner to how Runners are often referred to as Dog Aliens.

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