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The Bulborb is a large predatory species of Grub-Dog that lives on the planet PNF-404. A number of different species of Bulborb had been discovered over the years, most catalogued by Captain Olimar ever since his first visit onto the planet. The Bulborbs got their overall name due to their appearance reminding the captain in question of his dog from home, apply named Bulbie.


While different species of Bulborb have different characteristics, the group all are bipedal creatures, balancing their bodies on a set of stubby legs with two-toed feet. Although their legs are proportionately small compared to the rest of the body, they are more than capable of moving and balancing. The Bulborb's stalked eyes don't have any bones, making them able to turn at almost 360 degrees.

All Bulborbs also have a small pair of fangs located near the back of the upper jaw. As Bulborbs don't typically use these on prey, it's perhaps used on eachother during territorial dispute.


The Bulborbs, like other Grub-Dogs, are the apex predators of their territories with no natural predators. Typically however, they are nocturnal hunters and spend much of the day time asleep. Different species have different times of rest.

Bulborbs are preferably solitary creatures, though groups of Bulborbs of the same species had been known to congregate at areas with high food sources. Fondly enough, Bulborbs are also often in company by Dwarf Bulborbs without much trouble, though this is possibly because of their appearance.


Two newborn Bulborbs.

Their reproduction matters are a bit of a mystery, with not too much to go off. It is discovered after a few explorations of PNF-404 that Bulborbs start their lives as legless, slug-like creatures with no teeth who are birthed underground in the Queen Bulborb's main chamber. These young gain their legs and special markings as they mature.


For the number of species known to exist on the planet, six species had been properly identified. Some of these species had been mechanized for the Pikmin Adventure attraction, classified as their own species.

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