General Information
Other Names Chief Bulborb
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Pikmin

The Bulblord, also known in some languages as the Chief Bulborb is a large mechanical Bulborb created for the Pikmin Adventure attraction, inspired by the PNF-404 expeditions.


Bulblords are placed in the attraction as one of the bosses to fight. Its coated in red and yellow paint, strongly resembling a Red Bulborb. However, it is actually based off of both the Emperor Bulblax and Empress Bulblax. Unlike true Bulborbs, both mechanical and real, the Bulblord has been outfitted with mechanical shark-like teeth, most like a means for making it look scarier. It has a multitude of weakpoints dotting its back similar to the spots on a true Bulborb, but its huge bulk and aggression make reaching these weakpoints difficult.

The Bulblord is highly aggressive, and will attack anyone that comes close. Its main method of attack resembles that of the Express Bulblax: retracting its legs and rolling from side to side to crush those underneath.

Grand BulblordEdit

745px-Grand Bulblord angry NL

A secondary variant was made for the attraction in the form of the Grand Bulblord. This type is essentially the same as the Bulblord, but with a higher speed in its coding, and a color scheme more resembling the Emperor Bulblax it's based off.

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