• The Bugrom from El-Hazard: The Magnificent World are a race of all-male insect warriors, with hulking battle-tank physiques balanced on sticklike limbs and topped with bug-eyed, helmet-like heads. Their female queen, Diva, looks like a tanned, curvaceous human dominatrix with pink hair and antennae. Go figure...?

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The Bugrom tribe is a race of largely human-sized or above human-sized insectoid creatures. Though their origin is unclear, it is likely they represent part of the indigenous fauna of El Hazard, being a dominant species prior to human colonization in the far past. They exist in several different varieties and are much stronger than an average human. Only Fujisawa is capable of defeating them in hand-to-hand combat with his super strength. Although typically rather unintelligent and disorganized, Jinnai rallies them into an effective army, and with the help of Ifurita, they come extremely close to conquering El-Hazard before they are almost completely wiped out when Princesses Rune Venus and Fatora activate the Eye of God. In the rest of the OVA continuity (EL Hazard: The Magnificent World 2 and El Hazard: The Alternative World), they are thus focused on creating a new hive in order to repopulate and eventually launch a retaliatory attack. InThe Wanderers, Jinnai and the Bugrom forces are the primary antagonists rather than the Phantom Tribe.

The 'primary' Bugrom come in six different types, most of which are taller than humans. Additionally, there also exists Queen Diva (who looks almost entirely humanoid, which may be due to her position as a "Royal Caste" Bugrom), a very small fly-like Bugrom that apparently serves as a courier, and two creatures that might be Bugrom or merely trained insects. The first of these is a giant, scarab-like beetle that it is used as a flying transport, while the second is a scorpion-like creature that Jinnai presses into use as a living catapult, though whether this was its original function is unknown.

Jinnai assembles a group consisting of one Bugrom of each of the six main types as his main squad. In the English-language version, he names them Groucho, Harpo, Zeppo, Gummo, Chico, and Margaret, as a homage to the Marx Brothers and their foil Margaret Dumont. These are the only Bugrom besides Diva to survive the Eye of God being fired, and are thus responsible for helping Jinnai and Diva to create a new Bugrom Hive.

  • The first type is possibly the 'default' Bugrom, and resembles a four-legged centauroid beetle with a domed, helmet-like head. This Bugrom is predominantly purple in color, except for its chest, which is red. This is the type of Bugrom that Jinnai names "Katsuho" ("Groucho" in the dub), and is his primary follower amongst the squad.
  • The second type is slightly leaner and taller than the first and is orange and black in color, somewhat reminiscent of a bombardier beetle. This Bugrom has a somewhat narrow and elongated head, fitting its general body structure. Jinnai's name for this type of Bugrom is "Masuo" ("Harpo").
  • The third type of Bugrom is the shortest type, barely being Jinnai's height, and has a "hunchbacked" body structure with red and blue coloring. This is the Bugrom Jinnai names "Namihei" ("Zeppo").
  • The fourth type of Bugrom looks extremely human, even having a face that resembles a human mask, though this lies beneath a toadstool-like "cap" of shell. Colored yellow and greenish-blue, Jinnai calls this Bugrom "Ikura" ("Gummo").
  • The fifth type of Bugrom is the tallest and looks much like the first, though its squat head is mantis-like and it has a "crest" of shell on its shoulders that looks like a formal collar. This orange and blue Bugrom is called "Tarao" ("Chico") by Jinnai.
  • The sixth and final type is almost as human-looking as the fourth, though its abdomen is smaller (looking more like coat tails) and it has a mantis-like head and a cobra-like "hood" of shell. Jinnai names this green and red Bugrom "Norisuke" ("Margaret").

Enoki Films had planned to give Bugrom the dub name "Insectrons" in its license

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