Brute comcept

The Brute is a type of Necromorph that is certainly one of the strongest, deadliest, and most horrifying.

Brutes are a combination of multiple hosts fused together into one large being, although it's impossible to tell exactly how many bodies have been reanimated to create these monsters. They are large, hardy, and like all Necromorphs, extremely violent. They have an armored bone exoskeleton on their anterior body for defense; however the posterior of the creature is relatively weak and devoid of defense. Brutes attack with a decimating punch, and a headbutt that can easily knock off the most of beings on feet. They are amazingly quick for their size, and should have guns and other distance weapons to slow them down or they can quickly run over like a freight train. When attacked in its weak spots the Brute has been observed to contract within its armored plates to protect itself. This can be used to advantage, for the back of the creature is still exposed.

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