Brutal Tide
Brutal Tide
General Information
Homeworld Zojaqan
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Zojaqan Universe

The Brutal Tide are a species of hyper violent creatures native to the world of Zojaqan.

Biology Edit

The Brutal Tide, resemble armored, blind horned monstrosities. They are vaguely humanoid possessing three fingers. They razor teeth which hides another jaw.

History Edit

An early ancestor of the Brutal Tide was encountered by Shannon Kind during Zojaqan’s prehistoric era. One nearly killed her but she managed to time jump away.

Centuries later Shannon Kind encountered the Brutal Tide hunting her Zoja. Furious she used her time trav long Abilities to slow time enough to slay them. However she realized that her slaughtering was actually strengthening another entity that was the manifestation of the Ageless’s Trees. For every member of the Brutal Tide that fell its blood and body would be buried and feed the endless forest.

Knowing she couldn’t destroy the Agesless Trees she made a deal with the entity. It would rule the Brutal Tide as it saw fit. In return it would leave the Zoja alone. The entity accepted and took the crown offered by Kind after killing the alpha leaving a thousand year peace.

However after Shannon returned to her children ans saw the city of Zojaqan, she found her teachings corrupted and her image used to control the masses. She attempted to peacefully change the Zoja however her followers were slaughtered leading her to approach the Ageless and the Brutal Tide. The furious goddess decided to have her agreement to be null and void. The Ageless happy to oblige led its army to wipe away the city of corruption. Though it agreed to spare those that escaped the city.

Culture Edit

The Brutal Tide are a race of savage creatures. A tribal culture they constantly engage in intercine wars amongst themselves. To them death is their food and agony theur pleasure. They bury their dead to which nurtures the Ageless Trees which they dwell. They hold Shannon Kind in fear akin to the Reaper due to her part in slaying numerous of their kind during a 1000 year war.

Appearances Edit

  • Zojaqan Issue 001 (2017)
  • Zojaqan Issue 002 (2017)
  • Zojaqan Issue 003 (2018)
  • Zojaqan Issue 004 (2018)
  • Zojaqan Issue 005 (2018)
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