The Brundlebuds are a microscopic humandoid race from the minature planet Brundlebus 3, in the Brundlebus Nebula.

Biology Edit

The Brundlebuds are an extremely small species, more than specks of dust. However they can move at incredible high speeds, even faster than Silver Surfer's cosmic senses can detect.

History Edit

The Silver Surfer came upon the Brundlebud's planet, where he found that their micro sun was dying. He used his powers to re-ignite the sun. The inhabitants of Brundlebud 3 praised him, hailing him a god, building numerous monuments in his likeness. The Surfer was dismayed at their worship and tried to convince them other wise, only to terrify them to which the Surder decided to depart.

Appearances Edit

  • Silver Surfer Vol 7 #1 (2014)
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