The Bruidians are an alien species from Orville.


The Bruidian are a humanoid species with gray skin and three pointed chins.


For generations, the Navarians and Bruidians, have been fighting over the planet Lapovius. Lapovius is located on the border of Union space, and when the world was about to be the center of yet another war the Planetary Union was called to mediate the dispute. An ancient artifact was found on world and both races agreed to it being examined by a neutral Union archaeologist. If either race’s DNA was found on the artifact, then that race will have claim to Lapovius.

The Orville was assigned by the Union to mediate the peace talks, however due to both Captain and Commander being mentally and emotionally comprised by Retepsian pheromones, the two races began their war anew. However thanks to the use of the same Retepsian pheromones, the Orville managed to make both races' ambassadors to temporarily fall in love and call off the attack.

It was later revealed that the artifact contained both Navarian and Bruidian DNA, indicating that both species share a common ancestor. This information made the two race have to share Lapovius.


They have a penchant for salt water baths.


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