The Brubbs are a race of green-grey skinned reptiloids native to the planet Baros, the Brubbs were vaguely humanoid in appearance. Their faces were flat and conical, and dominated by bony ridges around their eyes. A topknot of hair sprouts from the head of the males, while the females were hairless. Their noses were used only for breathing, as their sense of smell was found in their forked tongues. They were herbivorous in nature. Females lay a single egg every Barosian year, and very often die during childbirth, so much of Brubb society was dominated by males. Brubbs were virtually deaf, which was probably genetic but was an excellent adaptation to the harsh winds of Baros. Brubbs were intensely social creatures, and organize themselves into groups known as habas. They were subjugated by Thrawn during his reign of terror.

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